16 March, 2010
5 reasons to ski in Japan
The SMH has done a piece on the top reasons to get yourself over to Japan for the winter months. Nothing we didn't already know but good to see the mainstream media is catching on!
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12 February, 2010
The Hostel Life
Mehdy and his crew are putting together a new travel show showcasing the adventures, encounters and hardships that a budget traveller faces...
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08 February, 2010
Renaissance Man Kickin' Back!
Damien Horan is currently at Monkey Rider, he and his lady snapped some shots off for us.
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The Lodge

Monkey Rider is a premium budget western style lodge in the stunning Hakuba Valley, host to many of the skiing events during the 1998 Nagano winter Olympics.

We cater for young riders and skiers looking for a 'step-up' from the typical ultra-basic standard of accommodation offered by most hostels, and who want to meet and hang out with similar like-minded travellers from all walks of life. Whether you're a creative type, investment banker, artist or vagabond, you're bound to meet someone interesting here.

Monkey Rider is located in the beautiful Echoland district in Hakuba which is the main restaurant and bar area in the Hakuba village, so you are just a stone's throw from all the action. The shuttle bus to each of the resorts in Hakuba leaves from right outside our front door, so you are only minutes from the slopes. We also offer a complimentary pick-up & drop off service from the train station and bus stop.


Monkey Rider was inspired by the famous Japanese Macaques, Japan’s indigenous snow monkeys who live in and around the Nagano region.

For the snow monkeys, it all began in 1963 when a young female named Mukubili waded into a hot spring in the Nagano mountains to retrieve some soybeans that had been thrown in by the keepers. She liked the warmth and soon other young monkeys joined her. At first the behavior caught on only with the young macaques and their mothers. Over the years the rest of the troop took up the behavior, which now finds shelter in the 43° C hot springs to escape the winter cold.

Young monkeys have even learned to roll snowballs which they love to hurl at the other monkeys in ‘surprise attacks’ and we reckon it won’t be long until they learn how to carve themselves a Burton and start tearing up in the park as well.

What we really love about these little fellas (apart from the human-like red faces and expressive eyes) is the lifestyle they lead – who wouldn’t love spending all day chilling out with your buddies in the natural thermal onsen during those bone chilling wintery days and sunning yourself all summer long?

Forget about dogs, we reckon it really is a monkey’s life, so we named our company after them. For us it’s a constant reminder that life is short so you need to get out there off the beaten track and find what it is that you love doing and then just go and do it.

This is the spirit of Monkey Rider


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