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When we find something cool, original or just plain interesting we like to share it with our network. Here is a list of things we're liking at the moment so check them out, maybe you will too.

Travel - If you’re looking to ride the backcountry in Hakuba - For all your snowboarding gear and the best vinyl collection in Hakuba - Powderhounds Ski Japan reviews including Hakuba - Hook up with these guys if you're a skier or rider living in or around Tokyo - Everything you need to know about skiing in Japan - Tons of information here on Hakuba - Mehdy and his crew are filming a new travel show documenting the life and time of a budget traveller. Check them and and say hi

Design / Art / Fashion - For the latest surf gear from Sam and the boys - For the latest on music, design, fashion, travel and more - Online community dedicated to sharing amazing photo images and artwork - Renie’s fashion blog from LA - The legendary UK street artist - Aussie design and art - Coolmakers extraordinaire

Music - Check out who’s playing the Brooklyn pool parties

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